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Everybody Matters - buildING a better world

Supporting our people – celebrating individuality, inclusion & diversity


Our social values and community engagements underpin our belief in building a better world. Our activities must not only benefit our clients, stakeholders and employees but also those people whom our projects impact, now and for the future.

“Everybody Matters” - is one of our core values

What does it mean? It is a belief in treating everybody with respect and decency. We champion people, whether as individuals or teams. So our aim is to provide everybody with the opportunity to own a positive future, to fullfil their ambitions.

We celebrate individuality. We take pride in making our workplaces inclusive. By welcoming everybody—regardless of gender, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability—we create a diversity of talents and perspectives. We value integrity and know we can always learn from each other, our clients and the communities we serve.


Our role in the local community is often the first company ‘on site’ and the last company to leave. Spending this time working within an area gives us a unique perspective on the needs of that community.  We know we have a significant role to play – this drives us to create opportunities for everybody.


Supporting and nurturing people is one of the greatest gifts we can give. Our strong belief is that we can help change people’s lives. Running alongside organisations like the XXX, we can provide meaningful work and training for ex-military, ex-offenders and less fortunate adults with the goal of providing them a brighter future.


All construction projects can have a huge impact on the local area, so we constantly communicate and work with the local community to negate the impact. Our aim is to promote positive initiatives and opportunities within the area.


BUILDING A better world today, fulfilling ambitions, creating legacies

This is how

Local Employment

We worked closely with local organisations and authorities to support community employment initiatives

Training & Apprenticeships

Training provides a route for everybody into the construction and logistics trade


Within local communities, we have actively engaged with schools and colleges to promote key skills courses.


Our schemes delivers

Logistics Community

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